MENCARI ARTI || SS 16 Campaign



A film co-directed by Fa' Empel and Andreas Waldshuetz. An amalgamation of creative energy released to generate a powerful audio-visual sense experience. MENCARI ARTI is characterised by the five elements and their interaction with one another and our human senses.

PAWAKA (fire) and flames are met by a combustible union of silence and rhythm. We are alone and yet always connected. 
A magical alliance of outdoor stillness and movement. The interplay of time and nature. Of personal and space identity.
A spirit-human in white interacts with the surrounding (sounds of the) forest, the grass, the dark forces of night, protected and guided by (its inner) PAWAKA. Reflections of flames. PAWAKA is vision. Then water. Then smoke. Action. Reaction. Change. A natural cycle. Harmony. PAWAKA within us. United with the universe (past, present, future) through the pentagonal interconnectedness of the five elements.

MENCARI ARTI || (to find meaning)


MENCARI ARTI unites the artistic vision of three contemporary minds and manifests their collective, experimental push towards finding meaning.

Fahrani Empel (Fa’). Fa's design intuition, spirituality and a deep-rooted appreciation for the environment form the core force of PAWAKA. Inspired by evolution and modernity, and defined by an inseverable tie to her Indonesian heritage, Fa’s person and life path are the immaterial backbone of PAWAKA. While PAWAKA symbolises innovation and change, it also connects us to ourselves, to our identity and to our being. 

MENCARI ARTI was shot by the internationally renowned Austrian visual artist and photographer, Andreas Waldschuetz, known for his highly conceptual work with complex execution and artistic vision. Andreas's personal aesthetic borrows from a futuristic dream world and enchants with eerie lighting and remote locations. 

Spectral visuals are complemented by the experimental sounds of Parisian-born performative music and dance artist, Koo Des (aka NSDOS). Koo's background in dance has provided him with an astute sensitivity to the interconnections of sound, movement and the human body. For MENCARI ARTI, Koo was inspired by organic noises — the sound of fire, wind, trees and the movements of people in nature. He translated the organic input into algorithms and his software then transformed these into a cloud of electronic sounds that stimulate the visuals of the PAWAKA S/S 16 film.


Directed by || Fa' Empel || Andreas Waldschuetz
Photography || Andreas Waldschuetz
Talent || Sheilly Jimenez
2nd Camera and Assistant || Faruk Pinjo
Composer || NSDOS
Script || Kevin Palmer || Suzy Anderson
Special Thanks || Mads Dinesen & Baumhotel Robins Nest