SMOKE || a visceral journey ||

Giulia Munari


|| a visceral journey || 


Many non-Western cultures refer not only to the four orthodox elements (earth, air, water, and fire) but also a fifth element as another component in interpreting the universe: aether. An invisible, yet essential, fixative that ensures the coexistence of all elements and a general harmony of being.

With the ongoing cultural aggression, political turbulence, and global unrest;
we wanted to share a message of aspiration with you.


SMOKEA Visceral Journey, is a short film with poetic sensibility.
For our second collaboration we have connected with DUENDE, and featuring artist/muse, Tarren Johnson;  to explore the mysterious, ethereal nature of smoke. How smoke is sensed and what the semi-solid, semi-liquid communicates. Smoke symbolizes the reaction, it is both connectedness and change. Beyond consciousness, beyond the atmosphere, lies aether.
In this film, Smoke is the vessel to carry our prayers into the spiritual realm - a space of dreams, of inspiration, of hope.

DUENDE is an international creative collective lead by Director of Photography, Viktor Sloth, and Sound Designer, Martin Strandgaard - working cohesively in realising visionary projects, through film, photography, music and production.
Duende is the Spanish term for having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression, and authenticity.

Tarren Johnson is cross-disciplinary artist from Los Angeles, based in Berlin, working internationally as a dancer, performance artist and choreographer.
Her natural beauty is enchanting.


Murmurs and matter. I’ve wandered through hidden planes.  
Ashes are potent. They mean change. 

The universe has its own chemistry, just like my body.
But I have not always been what I am now.
Orbits collide and particles dance as cloud-waves ascend and uncover me.
I reside under crusts. I am and I am more than cells.

Simmering seconds and blurred stillness: Morpheus — god of vision.
Stripped to my essence and held and cradled by the air I breathe: a flesh-coloured dream.
Aether floods me. Born from water and fire I can only evolve.
PAWAKA, my flame, you changed me. 
Visible light and tacit now, my spirit is smoke.

by Katerine Niedinger, 2016

Creative Director || Fahrani Pawaka Empel
Director of Photography || Viktor Sloth
Sound Designer + Editor || Martin Strandgaard
MUA + Hair || Danny Wutzl